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GDPR GOES TO SCHOOL (data diagramming and mapping) METHOD™

Creating Your School's Data Maps and Story . . .
Be GDPR compliant.
Ensure data privacy for your students, faculty, staff and the  broader school community.
Get started with data diagramming and mapping and a working Record of Processing Activity.
Why GDPR now? Schools in the European Union and all over the globe are concerned about data privacy, especially in the age of remote learning.

Start with creating data diagrams or maps and a working Record of Processing Activity as required by GDPR.

Think of GDPR as the opportunity to create your school's data story.


Why Data Privacy?


  • If you are in the EU 

  • If your country  has data privacy laws 

  • If you are using third party vendor software from the US -- needs to be reviewed due to the Schrems II decision

  • If you communicate  with  EU students or faculty 

  • If you realize that data privacy is important and should be done to keep your school's environment safe


How to Get Started?
  • Get a team together and establish governance

  • Create data maps and Record of Processing Activity

  • Get going on the GDPR Goes to School Methodology™ framework to achieve total GDPR compliance


What's Unique?

The "GDPR Goes to School" Method™ is unique because it is focused first on creating

  • Data maps,

  • Record of Processing Activity

  • Third party vendor analysis

  • your country's Retention requirements.

All materials and every template customized for schools using Word and Excel only.

Make data privacy a reality in your school!


The intent of GDPR is to provide a roadmap, including data maps, to keep our data personal data safe on line. 


Please let us know what would be most helpful to you in reaching your data privacy goals. Our services and pricing can be customized to your needs.

Thanks for submitting!

“It has been an incredible experience to work with Sylvia and the GDPR team at CEESA. They share our commitment to building an international cohort of professionals making data privacy a reality worldwide.  Best collaborators in the international school world!"
“Sylvia and the GDPR team at CEESA have provided support and much needed guidance in making our school GDPR compliant. Sylvia's famous Workbook, a GDPR manual that is custom-made to the particular needs of our school, made this process much easier for the entire team in AISZ. "
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