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As a CPA and Professional Project Manager (PMP), I have consulted on implementing GDPR in international schools primarily located in Europe

  • Croatia,

  • Belgium,

  • Finland,

  • Estonia,

  • Latvia,

  • Lithuania,

  • The Czech Republic,

  • and Hungary are examples of EU countries

  • Serbia,

  • Uzbekistan and

  • Azerbajian are examples of non-EU countries that are following GDPR's model of data privacy, using their own legal requirements.

CEESA hosted a major Privacy by Design conference where CEESA schools and staff made a commitment to the goals of GDPR, knowing that this leadership could make a huge positive difference throughout the world.

Prior to implementing GDPR projects, my experience in the US education industry spans over 30 years. It includes implementing three statewide, computer adaptive assessments and countless technology, curriculum and school transformation projects.

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The European Union (EU) is in the forefront of ensuring data privacy. The landmark framework is GDPR -- the General Data Protection Regulation. This framework has been copied throughout the world.

However, you can see from the map below that very few countries have formally adopted data privacy for their citizens.

The US has only "minimal restrictions" in place. The result is significant exposure and few legal protections for misuse of school and student data.

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