The GDPR Goes to School Method™ is different, cheaper, easier and better!
Create your school's data story.

The goal is for data privacy to be a major factor in our lives, to be included "up front" in the development of products and services. This requires that we learn to "design privacy into" our thinking and development of products and services.


Our goal is to reach a point where respect for data privacy is embedded in our lives and sustainable, throughout the world.


The GDPR Goes to School Method™

"Execution is the missing link between results and aspirations."

The "GDPR Goes to School" Method™ is designed for implementing data privacy, actually putting it "on the ground" and being able to provide evidence of compliance. Much of the GDPR complexity has been removed -- you don't have to know the ins and outs of GDPR in order for you to be on the way to secure, data privacy in your school.

This means . . .

  1. "Enough" awareness and introduction so you know "enough" about GDPR and data privacy

  2. Template workbook of 15 modules to implement, all at once or in sequence

  3. Go at your own pace for implementing

  4. Very inexpensive compared to other options

    • No software to buy or install or maintain

    • No software or systems for teachers to learn

    • Use Excel, Word, Google Drive, Adobe and other free, common software tools

    • Perfect for small schools

  5. Regular, online data privacy project coaching available

  6. "Plain language" explanations and definitions

  7. Assistance using best practice to write policies and procedures

  8. At the end of the day, you will have created organized documentation -- your school's data story -- so you know where everything is, including methods to update and maintain the emphasis on data privacy.

  9. Training resources that go beyond the school and reach the entire school community -- Board, faculty, staff, students and parents.

Using the "GDPR Goes to School" Method™ makes everyone more aware of data privacy and safer online.
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