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You can start by just buying the GDPR WORKBOOK to get an idea of the scope. Don't worry. The book is written for a fully compliant GDPR effort. If you are in the US or a non-EU country, you may be able to take some shortcuts.



OR .   .   .  you can enroll in the full course. The course is self paced. The pre-populated spreadsheets, templates and diagrams are great guidance and will jumpstart your project. It can go even faster when you prepare with data mapping before you begin each chapter.

Once you get started, you will see that this is much easier than it seems!


The GDPR Goes to School™ Method

"Execution is the missing link between results and aspirations."

The framework is based on the APQC (American Productivity and Quality Center), process framework for best practice for K-12.  Download K-12 Framework here.

Best Features of the Online School Course are . . .

Planning is streamlined because a standardized project plan is embedded.

No technology system to buy, maintain, train. No ongoing subscription. One time cost only.

Use common tools -- Word, Excel, Adobe, Powerpoint, your network. That's it!

Go at your own pace

Low maintenance, easy to train and transfer responsibility to new staff


Complexity has been removed -- you don't have to know the ins and outs of GDPR to have an effective data privacy program.

Everyone at school is more aware of data privacy and being safe online after using the GDPR Goes to School™ method.
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