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Just Like a Trip to School, Right? No.

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Going onto the internet is a lot like getting to school, except students can no longer "see" anyone, everyone is an unknown, anonymous.

Our students still act as if they can "see" but they can't. That same student going onto the internet is trusting, freely gives their personal information to anyone who asks - every single site they visit. Actually the sites don't ask for the information, they just take it.

Students don't know what happens to their data after it is given.

They don't know that their data is sold and given away to others. They don't know that giving away their name can lead to someone/anyone knowing exactly where they live, how old they are, who their parents are, if they have ever been in trouble with the law, if they have a drivers' license. Someone can know everything instantly.

Students don't know that their personal data can be used to "profile" them so others know what their preferences are and what their secrets are. They don't know that profile information can be used to approach them, target them with messages and manipulate them using effective social media techniques.

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